Hooptap beats Twitter for MasterChef's second-screen activity
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 03 September 2014
In the never-ending debate about whether is worth designing your own second-screen software or just jump into Twitter, Spain's Hooptap has shown that the answer is never certain. Through its own social TV app created for TVE's MasterChef, Hooptap beat Twitter on social activity, showing much higher figures during the whole show.

logo-hooptap-gris-oscuroDuring last weeks of the contest, Twitter was showing an average of between 9,000 and 10,000 twits related to MasterChef, while the show's own app was gathering around 16,000, considerably increasing social TV activity.

The second-screen app was launched with the goal of building a loyal audience while monetising this environment, allowing viewers to interact and participate actively in the show. It can also be enjoyed away from TV viewing, as it involves users 24/7, with interactive content available at any time.

But the success of Hooptap's app seems to be related to gamification, which is indeed the field the company specialises in. The mobile app allows fans to play with the show's content every day, including special recipes, contestants' bios and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

The activity increases during the live show, with users discussing real-time questions asked by a moderator, playing quizzes and making predictions. The gamified experience proposed by Hooptap seems to really engage the audience, relegating Twitter to the background.

The Valencia-based company has also brought the gamification technique to Clan TV, the public kids' network, developing a loyalty campaign during last summer to complement the channel's holidays programming.