In-car rear-seat entertainment in higher gear from BYOD
| 03 September 2014
The curse of many an IT manager, the concept of bring your own device (BYOD) is set to hit the gas for the in-car entertainment market.

Indeed, according to a study from ABI Research, as consumers have moved on from DVD and Blu-ray players so must rear-seat entertainment. The analyst calculates that to date OEM rear-seat entertainment shipments have only reached an estimated 2.9 million in 2014 and will likely reach 3.5 million globally. It adds that the aftermarket devices market has not performed either.

Yet ABI has high hopes that what it calls a stagnant market will prosper once more in the form of consumers using their own device such as tablets, smartphones, gaming devices and other portable media players to consumer content instead of relying upon existing, and expensive, back-seat delivery. And, as in the future the majority of passengers will use their own smartphone or tablet devices in the back of the car rather than pay for an expensive embedded in-car solution, ABI advises OEMs to embrace BYODs through either an accessory such as a mount or look to bundle OEM-branded devices with their new cars to add additional value. It cited as examples an Audi-branded Android device that accesses a 4G/LTE-powered hotspot; Mercedes with its iPad Rear Seat Integration Plus; and Jaguar and BMW with an iPad holder for rear-seat passengers.

"BYODs open up the market to new user-groups and segments, when previously rear-seat entertainment was targeted at small children," explained ABI senior analyst Filomena Berardi. "However, holding a device in ones hands could prove fatal in a car crash and therefore OEMs need to develop solutions that are both crash resistant and user-friendly."