IBC 2014: ruwido launches advanced tactile remote control concept
Michelle Clancy
| 11 September 2014
Ruwido is changing up the remote control with the debut of its myron tangible interaction concept, which uses the company's 'smart dial' function.

This enables up to 27 commands to be integrated in a remote control without the need of a classic button layout. In all, users are able to control channel selection, volume, and the fast-forward or rewind functionality, via touch.

One of the central tasks to solve in today's evolving entertainment landscape is how to support users to remain in control of devices and content. Ruwido will demonstrate the myron interaction concept at IBC 2014.

"The incorporation of natural tactile feedback into the input device allows the user to enjoy more comprehensive control while scrolling through content," said Ferdinand Maier, CEO at ruwido. "Our findings have shown that access to services must be easy and interaction mechanisms have to be adapted to the needs of modern user interfaces. Using devices that are not specifically developed for navigation is, in effect, like eating a steak with a spoon difficult and unsatisfying."

The design of myron has been ergonomically adapted to the natural shape of the palm. Pressure gradient perception at three different levels allows the user to scroll through content in a more natural and intuitive way. If the central navigational mechanism is pushed hard, the user quickly moves through lists and menu items. When the navigation mechanism is pushed with less pressure, moving through content step-by-step is supported.

"To meet the growing demands from consumers for better methods of intuitive navigation, ruwido France, as a scientific research institution, focuses on new ways of interaction," said Regina Bernhaupt, director of user experience research at ruwido. "While some of these developments are radical, our research has shown that they have to be integrated gradually as the living room is a place for evolution, not revolution."