US Hispanics over index on digital video, connected device usage
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 11 September 2014
Hispanics are media junkies: research has shown US Hispanic device ownership skews higher than the non-Hispanic US audience on a full range of connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, OTT, laptops, and smart TVs, while leading the market in multi-tasking and mobile content consumption.

YuMeHispanicInfographicYuMe has partnered with SMG Multicultural to develop survey data from Interpret, around US Hispanic media consumption trends, which are increasingly important from an advertising point of view. According to the latest US Census, US Hispanics are both the fastest-growing demographic, and the largest US minority group.

In terms of media use, Hispanic households spend 68% more time watching digital video compared to non-Hispanics. And, they are also leading the market as adopters of tablet and connected TV, and specifically, mobile connectivity is helping close the access gap (an ethnicity's ability to access the Internet) for Hispanics.

"The industry is hungry for more data around Hispanic media consumption, specifically regarding US Hispanic interaction with digital video," said Marla Skiko, executive vice president and director of digital innovation at SMG Multicultural. "Therefore, we support partners like YuMe who continue to lead the charge with cutting-edge research."

US Hispanic ownership of top devices mirrors that of the general market (non-US Hispanics), yet the highest penetration is on smartphones and laptops. And, US Hispanics are two times more likely than the non-Hispanic US audience to stream on smartphones and smart TV.

"We looked for answers on whether US Hispanics interact differently across screens," said Paul Neto, director of research at YuMe. "Additionally, we looked at other factors such as age, preferred language and how these trends impacted their multiscreen behaviour."