IBC 2014: BT, Sony Media team for cloud-based production
| 11 September 2014
Aiming to offer broadcasters and producers the ability to streamline workflows and collaborate on large media files, BT has entered into a technology partnership with Sony Media Cloud Services.

Under the terms of the collaboration, BT's Media IP Nexus network designed to allow media communities to share large files and resources as well as offering access to cloud-based professional media applications will by the end of 2014 offer Sony Media Cloud Services' CiSM products.

The companies believe that the network will enable producers and broadcasters using Ci's digital workspace, collaboration WorkSession applications and MediaBoxes to collaborate more quickly and effectively across virtual teams. Developed especially for the media community and professional format requirements, the combined offering streamlines production workflows by using Ci's cloud-based production suite to collect, exchange, review, and share media files in conjunction with BT's Media IP Nexus network which removes the need for expensive hard-copy deliveries and unreliable Internet file transfers.

"Network connectivity and collaborating on huge media files can grind production workflows to a halt. BT's global network footprint and Ci's production tools help address those production bottlenecks," commented Sony Media Cloud Services senior director of services and sales, Michael Potts."Working together with BT, we're able to make media collaboration quicker and easier for both Ci and Nexus customers alike."

Added Mark Wilson-Dunn, VP, BT Media and Broadcast: "The Nexus network and Ci complement each other extremely well, and we look forward to being able to offer Sony Media Cloud Services' Ci users a secure and streamlined service."