IBC 2014: Cisco claims multiscreen transformation with Videoscape expansion
| 11 September 2014
Cisco has upgraded its flagship Videoscape video platform in a move that it says will offer the industry's first-fully orchestrated and virtualised solution that will transform multiscreen video processing and delivery.

Indeed the new Videoscape Virtualised Video Processing (V2P) is attributed with giving pay-TV operators and media companies the ability to scale their video processing workflows to deliver the dozens of forms of video required for multiscreen TV removing the previous situation whereby each screen and form of video required a separate video production line, using optimised hardware, hard-wired together.

With Cisco V2P, pay-TV operators can consolidate their separate production lines into a single pool of hardware and software with the solution 'orchestrating' a common pool of hardware and software to deliver each individual form of video required for each screen.

Cisco believes that the result is business benefits including improved agility and service velocity as operators can create new video services and workflows in software instead of needing to build, integrate and configure additional hardware-based "production lines"; reduced costs from not creating customised production lines for individual video workflows; and revenue growth as companies to get to market faster with more options for personalised video services serving more viewers on more devices.

Commented Yvette Kanouff, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Video Software Solutions: "Cisco is the only company virtualising all the things you need to do to video, from the time you get the content from its owner to the time it hits the user screen. By taking advantage of Cisco's enormous investment in virtualisation and the cloud, we can help video companies become more agile, scale their multiscreen video operations and grow their businesses."