Netflix scores French content deal with Prime Entertainment
| 12 September 2014
With traction among local content owners a priority as it rolls out across the country, over-the-top (OTT) subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) leader Netflix has announced a major package deal with Prime Entertainment Group.

Inked at the Rendezvous sales event in Biarritz, the deal is one of a number signed by Netflix to establish a catalogue of compelling content in what will be a key territory.

The Prime catalogue of documentaries has multiplied by four within the last few years and includes under the terms of the new contract science, human interest, discovery, social and crime documentaries.

"Our company has always been ahead when it comes to new technologies and new market opportunities. In 2000 we were among the first ones making seven- figure deals providing audiovisual content for the internet. Today Netflix is the best example of success in this field," said Prime managing director David Freydt explaining the basis of the deal. "It happened very naturally. Working with them, we have the opportunity to discover their great professional skills in terms of marketing and organisation. It's actually very impressive, there is no place for improvisation, and we are very happy to please them with our content."