IBC 2014: Rovi rolls out personalised discovery
Joseph O'Halloran
| 12 September 2014
Aiming to increase content consumption and offer a dynamic discovery experience tailored to the needs and tastes of the individual viewer, Rovi has launched the Personalized Discovery Solution for Europe.

Targeted at cable and satellite operators it fundamentally offers advanced search and recommendations, conversational interface technologies and metadata. It is also designed to give consumers optimal service levels as they search for content, presenting relevant and real-time updated recommendations by combining voice interfaces with deep metadata curated by a team of editors.

At the heart of the solution is a dynamic Knowledge Graph that maintains semantic, real-time information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities such as programme titles, celebrity names, brands, locations and other elements.

"There is a usability gap forming as traditional TV navigation systems struggle to keep pace with an evolving entertainment landscape characterised by multiscreen access and a near infinite amount of content choices for consumers," said Daren Gill, product vice president, Rovi. "With Rovi Personalised Discovery Solution, we are providing the technologies and services needed to help our customers bridge this delta and define a new discovery paradigm that delights subscribers with fast and relevant search results and recommendations. In addition to fuelling subscriber satisfaction and retention, Rovi Personalised Discovery Solution is designed to increase key performance metrics of media and entertainment businesses."