Imagine rolls out IP-based professional services
Michelle Clancy
| 12 September 2014
Imagine Communications has unveiled a turnkey professional services portfolio for IP-enabled, software-defined and cloud-virtualised video and other IP services.

The suite includes network design, proactive monitoring, project management and concierge client services.

"As we implement our vision of transitioning today's network to one that is IP-enabled, software-defined and cloud virtualised, customers will increasingly need a provider to help transform their entire environment, with a single point of accountability for end-to-end projects," said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine. "When leveraging new technologies, operators face the challenge of keeping costs low while providing new functionality and higher end-user experience. Our complete turnkey solution, starting with business planning and continuing through commissioning and supporting, enables our customers and channel partners to successfully upgrade and optimise their technology while reducing risk – a model that is unavailable elsewhere in the marketplace."

The suite takes advantage of the on-premises, IP-based Magellan NMS network management system, dubbed MyImagine Watch, which provides around-the-clock monitoring of network uplink facilities. A team of specialists in network operations centres sends immediate notifications to customers regarding service availability and critical events, while working simultaneously to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

"Through our cutting-edge, knowledge-centred service, we are driving the industry to adopt transparent and collaborative information-sharing to increase the capabilities of onsite engineering staff," said Ajay Kapoor, vice president of professional services for Imagine. "In addition, enhanced post go-live consulting and training will aid in the management of the system after it is fully operational. Our industry-leading approach to knowledge-sharing and our commitment to both program management and client service management resources demonstrate that we are willing to invest to ensure project success."