Liberty taps Witbe for digital TV monitoring
Michelle Clancy
| 12 September 2014
Liberty Global has deployed Witbe's monitoring solution for interactive services on its digital TV platforms, including Horizon.

Already using Witbe for monitoring the live streams of its digital TV offer, Liberty Global needed a complementary system for its on-demand and interactive services. It is now using Witbe's technology to monitor availability, performance and conformance of the interactive services delivered to end users through the set-top, such as video-on-demand (VOD), pay per view, games on demand and the electronic programme guide (EPG).

The solution proposed by Witbe includes video monitoring robots for multiple set-top boxes, and a Witbe Experience Centre for central management. It is designed to generate real-time alarms for operations teams to pro-actively detect issues on the delivery networks and platforms, and to report key program indicators for optimising the success rate of the end-user transactions.

"Liberty Global needed a powerful monitoring solution that could focus on their interactive services, and pro-actively alarm on a QoE issue. We helped them automating all the manual checks that used to be done daily and in multiple regions," said Marie-Veronique Lacaze, CEO and co-founder of Witbe. "Having operations in 12 European countries, one of Liberty Global's strong requirements was to have a solution that could be operated completely remotely from one central monitoring centre, and we demonstrated the full remote management features of our solution."