Entel commissions ZTE for FTTx network
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 12 September 2014
Entel has commissioned communications technology provider ZTE to build the first large-scale, over-the-top (OTT) video-friendly FTTx network in Bolivia.

Entel will deploy ZTE's ZXA10 C300 large-capacity, high-density and convergent full-service access platform to meet the requirements for rapid construction and smooth evolution of networks. The ZXA10 C300 platform supports an upgrade to NG PON and WDM PON technologies. When completed, Entel's FTTx network will cover most areas of Bolivia, reducing the digital divide between different regions.

Entel is the largest communications operator in Bolivia, ranking No 1 in the wireless market. Entel has about four million terminal users, and provides GSM, UMTS, 700 MHz LTE and other wireless services. Through the FTTx project that will be launched this year, Entel will improve its wired broadband access services footprint.

"With advanced technical solutions and extensive commercial experience, ZTE is a global leader in FTTx solutions," said Zhu Yongxing, general manager of ZTE's fixed network product line. "We will help Entel provide better broadband services for customers to achieve sustainable growth and improve its competitive strength in Bolivia. In addition, we will help Entel roll out broadband services to most areas of the country, improving the country's broadband penetration rate for the benefit of citizens."

Before this project, ZTE built the two largest GPON networks in South America: the nationwide GPON network of ANTEL in Uruguay and the nationwide FTTH network of ETB in Colombia.