IBC 2014: SES, SmarDTV, Samsung reveal CAS-protected DVB UltraHD first
| 12 September 2014
Claiming to be marking a major milestone in UltraHD broadcast, satellite operator SES has teamed with CE giant Samsung and security firm SmarDTV to demo the first end-to-end encrypted UltraHD content.

Specifically, the firms say that it will be the first time a full 3840x2160 pixel CAS- protected Ultra HD signal in HEVC will be decrypted by a standard SmarDTV CI Plus Module for content protection and rendered on Samsung Ultra HD TV models. The UltraHD content in HEVC standard will be broadcast from an SES satellite at 19.2° East using DVB UHD Phase 1 specifications. All of this, says SES, opens the door for pay-TV service providers to directly access 4KTV sets as it shows they can now directly deliver UltraHD content on Samsung Ultra HD TVs without the need for an STB.

"Many of our pay-TV customers and numerous services providers around the world are interested in deploying Ultra HD and this will allow them to jump start their activities with minimum investments," commented Conor Ryan, VP of marketing at SmarDTV. "The ability to use standard CI Plus CAM modules with the latest generation of Ultra HD TVs opens the door to rapid and cost-effective UltraHD services."

Added Thomas Wrede, VP of reception systems at SES: "The Ultra HD broadcast ecosystem has been developing rapidly in the last 18 months, with global satellite operators such as SES playing a leading role in readying the satellite and ground infrastructure to support our customers with the delivery of Ultra HD pay-TV events and services. UltraHD will further leverage the high quality of images delivered via satellite."

On his company's behalf, John Adam, head of business development and industrial affairs at Samsung Electronic Research Institute (UK) said end-to-end demonstration is the clearest indication yet that all the pieces are now in place for the new era of Ultra HD broadcasting to begin.