Levira has begun installing a new state-of-the-art multichannel play-out facility in Bratislava.

Due to become operational late this autumn, it will be well placed to cover the needs of broadcasters targeting Central and Eastern Europe, including the Balkan markets.

The facility will initially have capacity for 20 channels, with potential for further expansion.

Commenting on the facility, Mart Einpalu, CEO of Tallinn-based Levira, said: “Adding a new facility in Bratislava demonstrates our commitment to our TV-clients by providing them with multi-local growth opportunities in Europe. Subscribers expect localized content and channels across all screens, and so do the cable, satellite and OTT platforms. Becoming more local is a one-way street for international and regional networks who want to improve their ratings and business case. Levira with its end-to-end media management, play-out and distribution solution, with a stronger presence in Central Europe, contributes to the ambitions of our partners and clients.”