SMiT and Verimatrix are staging a joint demonstration that shows the new features of the CI+ standard.

IP delivery and multi stream features are being supported by Verimatrix’s highest level of client security technology.

CI+ 1.4, developed within the DVB, extends the routing and decryption of premium protected content delivered over IP to a network interface. This enables service providers and network operators to provide a single CICAM that can receive and decrypt both broadcast and IP-delivered content offerings with a single standard form factor device.

“The close working relationship between SMiT and Verimatrix has provided a large range of CA module solutions to our customers and partners,” said Mr. Yanrong Li, Vice President in product development of SMiT.

“In June, there was the first advanced security cardless CAM for Verimatrix, and now this project. The IPTV CAM based on CI+ 1.4 will both open a door for IP service from CAM, connected TV and CAM, which will provide our customers with excellent IP service options.”

“Developing ViewRight cardless CI+ CAM devices in conjunction with industry leader SMiT enables a new class of revenue security solutions, helping operators transition to more modern hybrid and IP network architectures that support connected TVs and other devices,” said Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix. The product helps existing operators deploy a wider variety of client devices and promises to open up a wide range of new digital TV business models.”