Multiscreen availability, mobility and time shifting are no longer innovations but core features of the services, according the OTT TV Survey 2014, produced by SPB TV.

The survey, which was undertaken globally, also concluded that the OTT TV female audience is growing, with the typical OTT TV viewer being aged 21-39 and as many as one in three female.

Furthermore, the OTT audience is engaged with the service regularly, several times a day and for up to 30 minutes at a time. Smartphones are also an essential part of the multiscreen ecosystem.

The most demanded OTT content types are news, closely followed by free live TV channels (linear streaming). Then follow free short videos, movies on-demand, and live events broadcast (sports and concerts).

The most popular content on PCs is movies and series on demand; on smartphones and tablets – free short videos and news; on smart and connected TVs – linear TV channels and live events’ broadcast.

One of the key findings of the survey is that there is no need for a second screen.

Indeed, viewers prefer not to switch screens while watching; second screen apps might bring additional distractions, especially during commercial breaks.

Interactivity can be realized in the best way on the “first screen” with a careful control of timing, so that it doesn’t distract the viewers but indeed enriches the experience.

The most appropriate price for OTT TV per month is $1 to $10.