IBC 2014: Octoshape, Nice People At Work combine for OTT monetisation
| 14 September 2014
Over the top stream acceleration firm Octoshape has entered into a partnership with Nice People At Work to use the latter’s expertise in analytics in OTT deployments.

The partnership will combine the Nice People At Work Youbora OTT Reporting and Analytics data with detailed client-side statistics from the Octoshape Infinite HD-M stream acceleration engine. The firms say that the result will be that OTT providers will obtain more detailed and accurate insight than ever before around consumer quality experience, engagement time, geographic disbursement and what content is most popular.

The integrated analytics solution is currently being deployed with leading broadcasters across Europe and will be ready for large scale deployment with other OTT IPTV broadcaster customers in late 2014.

“Our customers will benefit from the transparency and detailed analytics provided by Youbora,” commented Octoshape CEO Michael Koehn Milland. "We now not only enable TV-like quality experiences but also provide deep insight into their viewers' behaviour, which provides the broadcaster with tools to make even better programming decisions.”

Added Ferran Gutiérrez, CEO of Nice People At Work: “Our products are focused on ensuring the broadcaster not only gets the most insight into consumer behaviour but also ensures that the broadcaster offers the best quality for its viewers. Increasing quality and providing accurate visibility into the consumer experience enables the customer to drive more successful OTT video distribution business.”