IBC 2014: Bouygues bolsters multiscreen security
| 14 September 2014
French comms giant Bouygues Telecom has extended its relationship with Verimatrix to protect its Project Miami Android-based IPTV service.

Bouygues Telecom’s IPTV service, which is delivered to set-top boxes (STBs), tablets, iPads and portable displays, enables subscribers to consume broadcast video, video on demand (VOD) and DVR content on additional screens anywhere in the home. It will now use the VCAS for Broadcast-Hybrid solution to better enable combinations of secure multicast linear video with advanced adaptive bitrate streaming on-demand and catch-up services. It will also be deployed to ensure harmonised rights management for Project Miami subscribers at home and on the go.

“We trust [Verimatrix] to provide us with robust, cost-effective revenue security solutions to support the full range of our multiscreen initiatives,” explained Pierre Schaller, SVP Innovation and Strategic Alignment at Bouygues Telecom. “We consistently choose to collaborate with them because of their ongoing commitment to innovation, as well as their flexibility and ability to easily scale when we add new services.”