SES and EuroSkyPark (ESP) have signed a capacity agreement that gives the latter long-term access to Ku-band capacities on Astra 3B at 23.5 degrees East.

As part of the deal, SES TechCom will provide ESP with ground infrastructure, as well as offer its services and know-how for the continued development of ESP’s solutions, such as system design and testing. Meanwhile, SES will receive access, through ESP’s systems and turnkey solutions, to the secure satellite communications, security and surveillance solutions for industrial clients.

ESP, an affiliate of Global Sky Park, intends to use to the additional capacities for clients in the energy sector.

Commenting on the agreement, Thomas Maul, managing partner of EuroSkyPark and Global Sky Park, said: “Our efficient services and solutions offer our customers a higher degree of reliability and security both in their communications systems and in the management of their infrastructure. This is true not only for international and national power grids, but also for conventional power plants, wind power parks at sea and on land, solar energy parks and hydroelectric stations in mountainous areas. However, we need reliable and flexible partners in order to be able to offer our services. SESTechCom provides us with technical support, tailor-made solutions and the necessary capacities to meet the high demands of our customers in terms of service availability at any time and to the highest level”.

Gerhard Bethscheider, CEO of SES TechCom added: “The M2M market segment for high-quality communications solutions offers dynamic growth opportunities for intelligent and secure satellite services. In all industrial sectors, especially in the energy business, where a high degree of reliability is the foundation for all modern economies, there are a range of satellite-based network solutions on offer which provide secure communications infrastructure both during normal operating times and in
crisis situations. Our long-term partnership with EuroSkyPark gives us at SES TechCom the possibility of participating in this global growth trend with innovative satellite solutions.”