Twelve channels from the SPI International/FilmBox worldwide TV portfolio are soon to be available on Apollo TV platform.

The platform serves ethnic households and niche markets in North and South America.

The bouquet of SPI channels to be carried on ApolloTV OTT and Mobile TV platform, consists of the following thematic channels: FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox, 360 Tune Box, FilmBox Arthouse, Erox, Eroxx, Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka International, FilmBox Russia and MadScreenBox.

“We are excited to make our channels available on Apollo TV and to team up with Home2US Communications in order to provide diverse types of programming to both ethnic and general audiences,” says Loni Farhi, president of SPI International.

“Our worldwide channels FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&Fun-Box and 360 TuneBox have a general appeal to most viewers as they offer main-stream level interest while the two Kino Polska channels cater to a particular ethnic group. Finally, FilmBox Arthouse should generate interest among film aficionados who wish to have access to independent and arthouse films that are not easily accessible via main outlets in the U.S. in particular.”

“Reflective of the strong demand for international programming among ethnic viewers across America, we have been serving many key ethnic, niche markets ranging from Albanian to Croatian, Korean to Vietnamese, Bolivia to Bulgaria, the Netherlands to Poland and many other. We have been serving the Polish viewers in North America since 2003 with various channels sourced from Poland. In this specific case, Kino Polska Int’l and Kino Polska Muzyka Int’l will add more color and variety for such viewers,” explained Nancy Dube, Chief Marketing Officer at ApolloTV and Home2US Communications, Inc.

“Likewise, viewers from various other ethnic groups will enjoy some of the programming seen on FightBox and DocuBox and we hope to capitalize on such nuances while offering more value and interesting content to our viewers.”