Al Jazeera launches online news community
Rebecca Hawkes
| 16 September 2014
Qatar-based media network Al Jazeera has launched an online global news community by the name of AJ+, to both disseminate global stories and encourage social debate.

"AJ+ gives Al Jazeera the flexibility to innovate and grow and adjust in an era of rapid change in the news industry," said Dr Yaser Bishr, executive director of strategy and development, Al Jazeera. "AJ+ is topical, direct and tonally relevant to a younger audience that relies heavily on mobile consumption and their social streams."

The new social video service is available as a free iOS and Android app, with content provided via video, debate, conversation, quiz and art cards and stacks. Google links will also provide background resources to stories.

"Storytelling in the 21st century has become a one-way medium compared to what it was: an engaging experience. AJ+ encourages millennials to engage in conversations, build communities and challenge everything they see and hear," added Dr Bishr.