DISH to deploy NAGRA next-gen content security ahead of 4K
Michelle Clancy
| 16 September 2014
US satellite giant DISH Network will be the first customer to deploy NAGRA anyCAST COMMAND, a security technology that targets popular forms of piracy like control word sharing.

The technology is being developed in close cooperation with EchoStar Technologies, which will be the first set-top box (STB) partner to integrate the new technology. DISH plans to eventually use it to secure its upcoming 4K/UltraHD services.

Part of the anyCAST Security Services Platform, anyCAST COMMAND offers both decryption and descrambling in a single NAGRA device. Since the launch of digital TV in the 1990s, these functions have occurred in two separate devices, namely the Conditional Access vendor's smart card and the STB chipset.

"With this introduction of anyCAST COMMAND at DISH, EchoStar and NAGRA take the decisive lead in providing the highest level of end-to-end content security available on the market today," said Maurice van Riek, senior vice president and head of content and asset security for NAGRA. "To date, the fight against control word sharing has been a cat-and-mouse game with global pirate networks, which are increasingly sophisticated in their operations. NAGRA's new approach takes full ownership and responsibility for content security within a single architecture in order to deliver a definitive knock-out punch to this type of piracy by protecting the control word by design."

The security technology also supports potential future launches of 4K UltraHD services by supporting a variety of different watermarking schemes, a key requirement of the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection specification for 4K VOD services. It will also be available in different form factors, including smart card, STB companion chip and others.

"As one of the leading pay-TV providers in the world, we constantly look to protect our content and network," said Vivek Khemka, senior vice president, product management, DISH. "That's why we decided as part of our partnership with EchoStar and NAGRA to deploy a radically different kind of technology, anyCAST COMMAND, to help protect our service and revenues."

NAGRA will deliver anyCAST COMMAND to EchoStar and DISH in the first quarter of 2015.