TV remains overwhelming leader for video viewing
Michelle Clancy
| 18 September 2014
US broadband households spend an average of 1.3 hours per week watching video on a tablet and 1.6 hours per week on a smartphone, compared with almost 20 hours per week on a TV.

That's according to research from Parks Associates, based on a nationwide 1Q 2014 survey of US broadband households. The firm also found that despite the popularity of mobile platforms, the TV remains the preferred screen for video viewing, while the PC has shown significant declines as a video-viewing platform.

"The percentage of video viewership among tablet households has tripled since 2010, rising from 9% to 28%," said Glenn Hower, research analyst at Parks Associates. "For smartphone households, the percentage of video viewership doubled from 16% in 2010 to 31% in 2014. Increases in multiscreen video viewing are significant, but ultimately neither platform can duplicate the visual experience of the larger TV screen. Successful multiscreen video services need to offer unique services for each platform, complement the content on other screens, and leverage the typical conditions where people use certain devices."

This dovetails with recent Ooyala research that found that the continued evolution of multiscreen video consumption underscores the need for content providers to take advantage of new forms of big data analytics and audience measurement to better understand online audience behaviour, help guide content strategies and maximise revenue. The result, says Ooyala, is that content providers, broadcasters and publishers have an opportunity to build business-sustaining revenue streams with digital video particularly on mobile devices.