Smart TVs on the up in Argentina
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 19 September 2014
With almost one million homes connecting their TVs to the Internet, the connected scene in Argentina is looking much different than a year ago.

connectedtvThe several options by which to access TV content through the Internet have changed the way Argentineans watch audiovisual content, according to Acceso a Internet y Tecnología Residencial, the latest report from consultancy firm Carrier y Asociados.

Over 18% of homes with Internet connection say they are connecting their TVs to the Internet, with most of them (over 60%) doing so through a smart TV. Although some smart screens are never connected, the figures show 18% more Argentineans own a smart TV compared to 12 months ago.

Coming after smart TVs, the second most used devices to connect the TV to the Internet are computers, used by 30% of connected Argentineans. The figures represent a 21% fall from last year, as viewers are migrating to other options, led by smart TVs but with an increasing importance on consoles, smart set-top boxes (STBs) and streaming boxes like Apple TV and Roku.

According to the report, the trend is clearly pointing to growth, as 21% of homes with Internet and without connected TV say they would like to connect their screens.