Rostelecom is now the third leading provider of fixed broadband services its Moscow, with it brand OnLaym claiming over 600,000 subscribers as of this month.

According to AKTR and TelecomDaily, this put it ahead of the cable operator Akado, whose broadband subscriber number has barely changed this year.

OnLaym has been present in the Russian capital since 2008 and its new connections this year are already 26% up on 2013.

Just in the period April-August this year, the increase amounted to 30-40%.

Most subscribers opt for access of 50 Mbps and around a third (33%) also chose digital TV.

Rostelecom says its reach in Moscow is growing and it can now reach 3.6 million apartments.

MGTS, with its parent company MTS, remains the leading provider of fixed broadband in Moscow, accounting for around 27-30% of the market. Internet penetration in the city stands at around 85%.