Virgin Media says Wednesday’s update to Apple’s mobile operating system caused an increase of 10% in peak download traffic, week on week.

According to the network’s statistics, total data between 6pm and midnight topped 5,900 terabytes.

The increase seen on the Virgin Media cable network was equivalent to the 920MB update being downloaded over 600,000 times.

Martin Groundsell, head of broadband access at Virgin Media said: “From what we’ve seen so far, the release of iOS 8 has driven more internet traffic than previous updates, with increased demand likely to last until the weekend. Even though the iOS 8 release has generated the biggest download day so far, our fastest customers have been downloading iOS 8 in as little as 61 seconds at peak times with no major problems reported.”

The scale of those upgrading their iPhones and iPads was seen on Virgin’s London Underground Wi-Fi Network. Here, over 13% of devices connecting to the network are already running the new iOS 8 operating system.