Qualcomm launches Vuforia for augmented reality viewing
Michelle Clancy
| 20 September 2014
As augmented reality (AR) begins to take hold and spread to the mainstream, Qualcomm has launched the Vuforia mobile vision platform, available to developers to build AR applications for a new generation of digital eyewear.

The Vuforia software development kit (SDK) allows 3D content to be visually aligned with reality, enabling applications in hybrid virtual reality video content and gaming, shopping, education, and a wide range of enterprise and industrial uses.

The Vuforia platform provides advanced computer vision functionality for recognising images and objects in the user's field of view. It also leverages Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to minimise the motion-to-photon latency that is so essential in delivering an authentic AR effect.

It also includes a calibration method that enables Vuforia applications to dynamically adapt to a wearer's facial geometry.

"The promise of digital eyewear is to create a heads-up display for our daily lives," said Jay Wright, vice president of product management for Qualcomm Connected Experiences. “While the realisation of this promise remains in the future, Vuforia is taking a big step in the right direction by enabling a first generation of applications for consumer and enterprise use.”

He added: “Developers will now have the tools required to build experiences that will drive the adoption of the digital eyewear category. We look forward to seeing what developers make possible."

Qualcomm continues to embrace next-gen technologies, including a recent public demonstration with Sohu.com, the 'Google of China,’ of LTE-TDD broadcast with high efficiency video coding (HEVC) and dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) technologies