Al Jazeera counter-sues Al Gore over Current TV sale
Rebecca Hawkes
| 22 September 2014
Al Jazeera is challenging former US vice president Al Gore over a $65 million escrow account which was part of the sale in 2013 of the US network Current TV to the Qatari broadcaster.

Gore and his former business partner Joel Hyatt believe Al Jazeera breached the contract attached to the sale of Current TV last year, claiming the Gulf-based broadcaster improperly accessed funds in the escrow account to pay US cable distributors. Al Jazeera, through a new countersuit filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery, is now seeking to retain the funds that Gore and Hyatt hoped to obtain via a lawsuit filed in August 2014.

Al Jazeera said that Gore and Hyatt's lawsuit "contains outright falsehoods, including fraud and bad faith claims as well as the false allegation that Gore and Hyatt had 'serious reservations' about selling their defunct company to Al Jazeera."

Gore has alleged that Al Jazeera unlawfully refused to hand over millions of dollars in the account to Current TV shareholders.

"Our complaint explains how Al Jazeera improperly tried to use our escrow funds to pay the distributors that it wants to carry its channel in the US," David Boies, Al Gore's lawyer, told the Wall Street Times. "After trying to block our clients' request that their entire complaint be made public, Al Jazeera has now responded by making false claims to defend its behavior. We are confident that we will prevail when the court hears our case."