Cloudio TV has entered into a contract with TPVision to develop and deliver an application for the Philips Smart TV Platform.

“There is a worldwide trend in cross boarder TV channel distribution and in conversion of satellite distribution to OTT TV distribution occurring right now. We have noticed that TV channels and VOD owners in countries around the globe are rushing to create Smart TV applications to reduce distribution costs and expand access for their customers,” said Cloudio TV CEO, David Vargas-Racero.

“Cloudio TV has a successful track record in servicing global broadcasters in this service, as Sun TV India, TV Globo Brazil, VTC Vietnam, KBS & Arirang South Korea and Caribvision Caribbean, with a global distribution and for lower costs, inclusive local language call centers, translation services and sales team to drive up subscriptions.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to grow our Cloudio TV OTT platform with the best and most recent content available from top programmers,” added Marc Van Steyvoort , VP Business Strategy at Cloudio TV .

“It’s no secret that the smart TV market is severely fragmented, with eight leading TV app store providers dividing the global market.

“With TPVision in a leading role in this space, as one of the founding members of the Smart TV Alliance, we are hoping to focus some of the customisation energy and time on a single, common TV app store integration, reaching the widest distribution on TVs across different TV brands worldwide. Combining these advantages with the real time viewing statistics and upcoming programmatic buying of advertising, that OTT TV enables, allows us to deliver a next generation of TV distribution.“