F1 captured in 4K for Tata video trial
Rebecca Hawkes
| 23 September 2014
Live 4K footage has been delivered from a Formula 1 (F1) event for the first time across Tata Communications' video network, from the racetrack in Singapore to F1's technical headquarters in Biggin Hill, UK.

"Last year we were able to showcase our broadcast capabilities by transmitting a live JPEG 2000 feed from the same Grand Prix in Singapore. This year we have taken a huge step in next generation broadcast with the first-ever transmission of a live 4K feed from a Formula 1 event," said Mehul Kapadia, MD F1 Business, Tata Communications.

For the F1 trial, Tata Communications provided 500mbps for a single feed, across its global Video Connect Network, to ensure high quality 4K coverage of the sporting event compared to 120mbps utilised for a JPEG 2000 feed.

"Consumer demand for high quality and live content across different platforms is now the norm and with the emergence of bandwidth hungry production workflows, especially that of 4K broadcasting, quick turnarounds and availability of content across multiple platforms are hygiene factors for content owners. Having the world's only wholly-owned global fibre optic ring of super-fast cables means that we are able to fully exploit the potential of new technologies such as 4K, from locations across the globe," Kapadia added