AdGorilla taps ATEME for transcoding
Michelle Clancy
| 23 September 2014
AdGorilla has tapped ATEME's TITAN software to power its dynamic advertising insertion services for video content providers, including the daily encoding of advertising content within its managed services.

AdGorilla offers dynamic linear and video-on-demand advertising, TV everywhere addressable ad insertion and single-box linear ad insertion. The company also incorporated the ATEME software into its technical platform to facilitate transcoding of video streams within both cable and broadcast television installations of the company's Black Widow Spyder .

"AdGorilla is at the forefront of video and advertising technology for the cable and broadcast television markets and we looked to ATEME who, like AdGorilla, is developing advanced products in the video space," said Dan Ryan, CEO and founder of AdGorilla. "We are excited to integrate the TITAN solution into the products and services we offer our clients."

A recent study from Forrester found that the ability to target specific consumers was the highest benefit to video advertising in Europe, followed by higher audience attention. However, there are differences across each country. Companies in France ranked 'enhancing video with interactive features' equal to targeting. While Spain saw the ability to reach consumers not reached on TV, delivering messages at different times of the day, and controlling reach and frequency as the key benefits. The UK placed more emphasis on ROI accountability over all other countries, signalling, said the survey, the maturity of the video advertising market in the region