Pico Digital debuts miniCMTS
Michelle Clancy
| 23 September 2014
Pico Digital has introduced a mini cable modem termination system (miniCMTS) optimised for multi-family residential applications, private networks and small cable providers.

The new system combines high-speed data delivery with support for 400 DOCSIS cable modems and a Web interface.

Part of Pico Digital's all-digital CONDOR solution, the miniCMTS200a supports up to 400 DOCSIS 2.0 modems, or 250 DOCSIS 3.0 plus 150 DOCSIS 2.0 modems. The unit offers 16 downstream bonded channels for up to 800 Mbps downstream and four upstream channels offering 120 Mbps upstream data delivery, while the Web interface allows for configuration, management and debugging.

The miniCMTS200a also allows high-speed data services to be provided to commercial residential properties and academic and medical facilities, as well as the hospitality industry, to support over-the-top video services or managed IPTV services.

"Our miniCMTS200a is ideal for MDUs, private networks and anyone with a small cable network looking to introduce broadband or triple-play services to their customers," said Andrew Isherwood, CTO of Pico Digital. "Previously, these applications had a choice of purchasing very expensive boxes which support thousands of modems or buying low-cost, low-bandwidth refurbished units. The miniCMTS200a offers a better solution, providing smaller networks with the functionality and bandwidth they need without paying for additional modem support."