Netflix on track to reach 100MN non-US subs by 2020
| 23 September 2014
Despite its huge brand equity, Netflix is equally hugely reticent about releasing subscriber numbers yet a leading analyst believes that it is on track to pass 100 million subscribers by the end of the year.

NetflixOrangeExtrapolating from remarks made by the SVOD firm's CEO Reed Hastings at the CTAM Eurosummit in Copenhagen that the company expected to achieve penetration of a third of homes seven years after launch, Digital TV Research calculated that non-US subs will reach 103.939 million by 2020.

One of the interesting aspects of the research is that Netflix will be present in approximately a third of households in all of the international territories with Brazil the hot nation with 24.408 million subs with other Latin American countries contributing 12.28 million subscribers. Other expected key territories will be Germany (11.325 million), Mexico (10.606 million), the UK (9.495 million) and France (8.298 million).

The news comes just as Netflix launched in Germany and France, in the case of the latter boosted by a deal with Bouygues Telecom to host the SVOD service on the Bbox platform.