Spain is the most expensive country in Europe for watching football on television.

A new survey from reveals fans need to pay €51.21 a month to watch the full selection of matches, compared to €49.86 in the UK and €39.90 in Germany.

Online is little different with Spaniards paying €18 per month, second only to the UK, which comes in at a staggering €54.92.

Fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona may fell particularly hard done by. Because the matches are not available on a single channel, those wanting to follow all the matches must effectively pay double.

Top 5 Most Expensive Pay-TV Sports Markets




Spain 51.21
UK 49.86
Germany 39.89
Portugal 27.99
Italy 14.00

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“Following sport, and especially football, in Spain, is becoming a real luxury that many millions of people will not be able to access,” says Alicia Navas, country manager, “The high price involved, and the need to purchase several packages not having one that integrates all, creates a situation of confusion and discontent in the Spanish consumer consider unfair. Seems not logical to pay more in Spain than in countries with higher purchasing power, such as UK, France or Germany. ” describes the available options as a maze with customers having to choose between premium and pay-per-view options.

The problem is not restricted to football. Already Moto GP fans need a Movistar subscription costing a minimum €15. From 2016 the operator will have exclusive rights to Formula 1 – currently shared with Antena 3 – further increasing the cost.