Prime flows with Stream to Russia, CIS
| 23 September 2014
Just as it is set to show its wares at MIPCOM, the Prime Entertainment has inked a package deal with the Stream Television Company.

PrimeStreamOne of the leading networks of thematic pay-TV channels in Russia and the CIS, the company's output encompasses lifestyle, nature and sports such as hunting and fishing.

"We are glad to start business relationship with this new client. Russia has been an important market for us," explained Prime Entertainment Group head of sales Alexandra Marguerite. "We have a close relationship with major broadcasters in the region and we've recently signed a range of deals with six different partners on more than 200 hours of programming...these last couple of years we have enlarged our catalog and now we can provide high profile documentaries, both series and one offs, not only to big cinema networks, like HBO, Sony, Turner, Universal etc, but also to many other thematic channels worldwide." inShare0