Rovi claims a half-million DTAs throughout the Americas
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 24 September 2014
Rovi has marked a new milestone: it has announced the deployment of its television channel guides on more than half a million standard and high-definition digital terminal adapters (DTAs) to date.

DTAs are simple devices that convert incoming digital signals into analogue signals that can be viewed on older television sets. These devices are being used by cable companies as they upgrade local systems from analogue to digital and optimise bandwidth to support additional high-definition channels and high-speed data services. DTAs are also used to deliver services to more rooms in the home via secondary TVs that are not connected to advanced, digital set-top boxes.

"We are very pleased with the success of Rovi DTA Guide and, importantly, the positive response of our customers as we help them deliver a better TV experience to more devices in the home," said Omar Javaid, senior vice president at Rovi. "Based on planned additional customer launches and new agreements, we look forward to bringing our guide solutions to more subscribers and, broadly, fueling the overall market's transition to an all-digital footprint."

As a result of commercial agreements with more than a dozen cable operators including Armstrong Cable in the US and Cablevision Argentina, as well as collaborations with leading equipment manufacturers such as ARRIS, Evolution Digital and Pace plc, Rovi is now providing its multi-featured TV programming guide to cable households throughout the Americas, it said.

"Rovi has provided significant support as we execute our strategy of enhancing subscriber satisfaction while moving to an all-digital environment," said Dave Whittmann, vice president of cable marketing at Armstrong. "Rovi not only delivered the high-quality navigation experience needed to make the process easy and positive for our customers, but also the assistance required to streamline the service-wide rollout." inShare0