Aurora positions for DOCSIS 3.1
Michelle Clancy
| 24 September 2014
Aurora Networks has positioned its suite of cable MSO solutions for DOCSIS 3.1 services, including its high-density transmitter technologies, node platforms and the Universal Digital Return technology.

"With the imminent launch of DOCSIS 3.1 services, it is critical that operators ready their networks today to take advantage of all the features of this new specification," said Scott Weinstein, vice president of marketing at Aurora Networks. " With our industry-leading technology, Aurora Networks' solutions are the obvious choice."

Aurora's recently launched double-density transmission system - HT3541H full spectrum and HT3300H 1310 nm transmitters - and its HLP4800 high-density transmission platform, SUPRALink SPL7210, full spectrum DWDM universal and PWRLink II PWL4200 DFB transmitters, are 1.2 GHz capable. Meanwhile, Aurora's NC4000 scalable optical node platform now supports extended operation to 1.2 GHz with a 250 MHz-ready upstream.

Similarly, Aurora's latest node, the AN2 ultra high output compact node, is a 1.2 GHz platform with a 250 MHz-ready upstream. Meanwhile, all platforms continue to support all the advanced modules needed to support next-generation services.

When it comes to the Universal Digital Return technology, this is aimed at helping cablecos upgrade to the higher-return bandwidth supported by DOCSIS 3.1 specifications. It has built-in upgrade capability for both the transmitter and the receiver to support up to twice the return path bandwidth and single or dual return segments per wavelength; so, cable operators can deploy a 5-42 MHz system today which will also support a 5-85 MHz return path, when needed, at no additional cost. Also, digital return technology is available to support a return path of 200+ MHz, with, the company, said, no performance degradation. inShare0