hello i have a et4000 that worked great for 1 year..cause i moved to another house i dind use ot for 6 months.now i use it again but i have problem with tuner.when it scan it find services until it reaches 50% and after that it finds nothing.the satfinfer plugin shoes o% signal to all frenquecies after 11823 on hotbird.lnb is new,i tryed another one.other receiver finds every frenquecy on hotbird with no problem ,so lnb and cable are fine.i have only 1 lnb pointing on hotbird.signal is 85 .i tried pli image,xta image,xtrendalliance image.all the same.
i read that new images have driver problems,is that correct?is anything i can do?maybe an old image?but i cant find any .i dont think is hardware cause i believe that tuner shouldnt woking at all.can it be something woth satellite.xml?
can somebady help me?