TV to remain as hot market for display panels Read more: TV to remain as hot market

Editor | 25 September 2014

Despite persisting inclement economic conditions in key markets, the global television panel market has been 'hot' all year, and is expected to remain robust for the foreseeable future, says research firm TrendForce

According to data from the company's WitsView subsidiary, a number of factors are contributing to such market conditions, in particular those related to production yield rates on increasingly large TVs.

WitsView calculated that in the first half of 2014, Chinese TV-only display vendors shipped 38-40% of their domestic quota for 2014 in the face of supply shortages for certain TV sizes because international manufacturers have kept up procurement orders. Chinese vendors should push smaller-sized TV panels, including 32W, 39.5W and 40W to boost sales, suggested WitsView research director Eric Chiou who added adding that 48W, 49W and 55W are also important because the demand for larger size TVs is increasing. These popular sizes have risen in price US$1-$3 on average during September 2014.

"When TV display regional sales figures announced at the end of October and November, the results will be mixed. Manufacturers with fewer sales may alter their procurement strategies to reduce inventory and to lower inventory value before issuing year-end financial statements. As a result, sales of TV panels may gradually slow after October," he commented. "[But[ as as long as demand for TV panels remains healthy, the impact of the non-peak season on the monitor market will be limited in the short term."