More than half of Americans subscribe to OTT
Michelle Clancy
| 26 September 2014
It would appear that over-the-top (OTT) has truly crossed the proverbial chasm in the US with 55% of broadband households subscribing to such services according to research from Parks Associates.

This could open up new opportunities for cloud solutions, said the analyst, but don't count traditional TV out. Indeed, OTT uptake appears to be additive to the TV experience.

"Over 50% of US broadband households have at least one TV series that they 'never miss,'" said Glenn Hower, research analyst at Parks Associates . "Offering multiple content options is increasingly important as more consumers turn to connected CE and mobile devices for their video, audio, and other media needs. We see considerable demand for the functions created by cloud solutions."

There are big opportunities for those that can meld the two. Television screens are still the preferred method for watching video among a majority of US broadband households, Parks found. On average, consumers spend over 20 hours each week watching video on TV screens, compared to 1.3 hours on tablets and 1.6 hours on smartphones each week.

Meanwhile, consumer interest in cloud DVR technology is growing: 45% of US broadband households find it very appealing.

"As mobile devices account for nearly a third of Website traffic, close to a quarter of online video is viewed on mobile, and consumers increasingly move their content into the cloud, CSP and CE companies need better ways to create unified service offerings that reach consumers in the cloud and across devices," said John Driver, CMO at PacketVideo. "Companies can capitalise on these trends by enabling, adding and monetising cloud and media services to their product offerings, thereby strengthening their customer relationships and extending their reach into the connected home to include both OTT and personal cloud services." inShare0