Argentina smart TV still focused on linear
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 26 September 2014
With the smart TV sales on the up and while more and more people use their TVs for buying or playing online, most people use them for what the small screen was originally conceived for: watching video.

connectedarg1According to latest figures presented by the consultancy firm Carrier y Asociados, streaming films and series and watching videos through YouTube are the most used connected services among Argentinians smart TV owners.

The report Acceso a Internet y Tecnología Residencial shows Argentina has 2.5 million smart TVs, although half of them are connected.

Just over two thirds (68%) of the connected users stream movies or series, both through over-the-top (OTT) pay services such as Netflix and free apps like Crackle. YouTube is the second most used online service, with 52% of connected Argentinians using their smart TV for watching this kind of videos, also including films and live streamed events.

In addition a third of Argentinians access the Internet through a smart TV, with 23% of them going on Facebook, 11% playing and 6% calling others through Skype. Still 5% of connected smart TVs are not using for any online service.

According to Carrier y Asociados analysis, while a connected TV presents many advantages to watch video compared to smartphones and tablets, the smaller devices are preferred to use the social networks and play online.

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