Easel TV launches ad engagement platform tool
| 26 September 2014
Multiscreen video software provider Easel TV has launched an ad engagement platform designed to enable brands to create micro-channels for their campaigns.

Built using the company's Suggested TV multiscreen cloud-based software-as-a-service platform—and used already by brands such as HTC and programmatic online video networks—the tool is aimed at brands that advertise on broadcast TV. The software has been written to help them create clickable micro-channels from adverts and advertising inventory on the broadcast platforms to go into a brand's own engagement channel and is said to be able to allow the micro-channels to be built in three weeks.

Consumers can be delivered offers and promotions in this channel for redemption online or even in-store using mobile devices through Easel TV's partner Verticly, the social retargeting platform that is integrated with point of sales redemption in thousands of retail locations in the UK and abroad.

"We are very excited about our unique product offering and the success of the campaigns we have delivered to date," commented Easel TV CEO Joe Foster. "By providing the combination of broadcast TV with a clickable and trackable engagement model this ad engagement platform tool provides the ultimate solution to broadcast advertisers." inShare0