Clearstream acquires EngageHD
Michelle Clancy
| 27 September 2014
Clearstream has acquired EngageHD, a platform that enhances mining capabilities, targeting and ad delivery on mobile devices. As part of the deal, EngageHD founder Dominic Bennett has assumed the role of CTO, based out of San Francisco.

"By integrating EngageHD's technology and engineering talent into Clearstream's platform, our clients can access troves of valuable unique mobile data, leading to smarter targeting, high-definition delivery and proven ground-breaking media performance for marketers," said Brian Mandelbaum, Clearstream founder and CEO.

"In addition to the acquisition, we're thrilled to welcome veteran chief technologist and product innovator Dominic Bennett to our team to lead new product development and focus on scaling our services for the growing mobile video space."

Clearstream has a core technology called OpenStream, a video targeting platform built for advertisers and brands. It uses a dual-factor model that reports viewability rates by the second, which the company said increases viewable impressions by 85% compared with industry standards. It also allows advertisers to target across all screens based on active TV viewers, and uses targeting technology inside the native video player for more contextual relevancy.

Also, through an exclusive partnership with Leap Media Investments, it can identify and scale audiences based on emotional attachments to specific brands and media across 15+ sectors; and brands can target appropriate videos that are seeing a significant influx in views.

Prior to joining Clearstream, Bennett spent six years at Turn and served as SVP of engineering, assembling a team of 75 people. His past roles also include vice president of engineering and analytics at Claria, and group director of database marketing at Wunderman Cato Johnson, where he was responsible for the Sony, Citibank and Pepsi accounts. He founded EngageHD in 2013 and has nine granted patents. inShare0