iOS 8 downloads cause data surge in UAE
Rebecca Hawkes
| 29 September 2014
The surge by UAE Apple users to upgrade to iOS 8 has seen data traffic on du's telecommunications network increase by 15 times since the mobile operating system's launch on the evening of 17 September 2014.

In anticipation of the increase in traffic, du upgraded its Internet Content Delivery Network to avoid network congestion. On du's fixed network, its Burj Khalifa point of presence (PoP) saw the highest amount of downloads, while du's mobile network was also busy, enabling the update of Apple devices through customers' personal hotspots/tethers.

"iPhone users comprise a significant portion of our customer base, and we were able to predict this high volume of traffic in advance, given the popularity of Apple's smartphones," said Saleem AlBalooshi, executive vice president, network development & operations, du.

"As ever, our focus was on ensuring that our customers enjoyed a seamless experience in updating their devices, and so we undertook measures to bolster our network and provide a smooth, hassle-free iOS 8 download for our customers across the UAE."