WeatherNation TV expands to Alabama
Michelle Clancy
| 29 September 2014
WeatherNation TV has partnered with WAAY-TV ABC 31 to broadcast round-the-clock weather news on digital TV channel 31.2 across cable systems in northern Alabama.

WeatherNation TV offers local, regional and national weather programming in multiple cities across the US, including Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis and Denver, and is looking to expand further.

"We are thrilled to expand the coverage of WAAY-TV's Storm Force weather team with an extension of Alabama's most complete local, regional and national weather coverage with WeatherNation," said Paul Dughi, vice president and general manager of WAAY-TV. "Weather can be literally life and death at times. Combining our Storm Force weather team with the resources of WeatherNation gives us access to some of the country's top professional meteorologists when it matters most."

The WeatherNation TV network delivers a back-to-basics approach to weather reporting and forecasting. Instead of long-form shows interspersed with short bouts of weather news, WeatherNation TV offers continuous coverage of hyper-local, local, regional and national weather events with graphics.

"Our weather is always changing, so the timing is perfect to team up with WeatherNation to provide our viewers in-depth weather coverage on channel 31.2," said Chris Smith, chief meteorologist for WAAY-TV. "Through our partnership, you'll get local weather updates every ten minutes, plus regional and national updates from WeatherNation. When the weather turns bad, we'll be wall-to-wall with the important information to keep you safe."

WeatherNation TV uses technology from Baron Services and its Omni and VIPIR Systems to forecast and illustrate current conditions with real-time 3D graphical mapping. A severe weather tracking system also gives viewers a detailed visual assessment of storms and other extreme weather, from the satellite view down to street-level detail.