Artesyn debuts SharpStreamer transcoder accelerator card
Michelle Clancy
| 29 September 2014
Artesyn Embedded Technologies has announced the SharpStreamer add-on acceleration card, which enables content owners, broadcasters and service provider networks to speed the deployment of high density video transcoding and multiscreen delivery.

The latest addition to Artesyn's add-on video acceleration card portfolio is focused on the high density and low power demands of video streaming applications such as over-the-top (OTT) streaming servers, mobile network optimisation, content delivery networks (CDN) and broadcast secondary distribution.

Using the standard PCI Express form factor, Artesyn's SharpStreamer offers integration with standard server architectures for service providers and operators who want to use existing servers and cloud infrastructure to support new video transcoding and adaptive bitrate delivery platforms. Users can scale as subscriber numbers increase, by adding more cards and density from small to large servers as needed.

Our customers' desire for achieving video transcoding as a virtual network function (VNF) on standard servers was the impetus behind this product," said Linsey Miller, director of marketing for server acceleration at Artesyn. "Broadcast OEMs and service providers can now use off-the-shelf hardware to solve problems that previously could only be solved by costly in-house design or an impossibly large footprint of servers. They can also focus resources on innovating their value-added software, and not hardware, gaining a critical competitive advantage."