El Salvador stops DTT process
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 29 September 2014
Already among the most delayed countries in Latin America regarding DTT transition, El Salvador's telecom authority SIGET has now suspended the process.

After a long debate, SIGET started the technical tests a year ago through a multi-standard transmitter in order to decide which standard will best suit the country. But now, according to SIGET's president Blanca Coto, the process has been stopped due to a decision by the Supreme Justice Court (CSJ), which has forced SIGET to suspend the reorganisation of the radioelectric spectrum.

“The decision leaves us without the power to make any change,” said Coto. “Every technological progress looking to the digital transition is suspended.”

Although the switch-off is set for 2018, El Salvador has still to decide whether to use the ATSC, DVB or ISDB-T standard, and then begin the transition process to DTT.

According to the national media, the country's broadcasters seem to be surprised by the decision and don't understand why a process that has already been scheduled now has to be stopped.