Globo licenses two originals to Poland's TVN
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 30 September 2014
Leading Polish pay-TV channel TVN has acquired two popular miniseries from Brazil's Globo: Xingu and Bald Mountain.

Featuring four chapters in HD, Xingu is the real-life story of the Villas Bas brothers (Claudio, Orlando and Leonardo) who advocate for the rights of Brazilian Indians and their culture. Surrounded by stunning natural wonders, they come into contact with isolated tribes, falling in love with the Indian culture and leaving behind a legacy that saves thousands of native Brazilians: the Xingu National Park. Produced by director Fernando Meirelles (City of God and the Constant Gardener), the plot was a smash hit in Brazil, reaching average ratings of 16 points and a share of 41%.

Also with four chapters in HD, Bald Mountain features a trip into the largest open-cast mine of modern times, which attracted several gold-diggers to the Amazon region in the 1980s. Directed by Heitor Dhalia ( Deriva), the miniseries tells the story of Juliano and Joaquim arriving in the Amazon forest filled with dreams and illusions, like many others before them. But their obsession with wealth and power ultimately becomes their downfall. Juliano becomes a gangster and Joaquim abandons his values and principles. A total of 1,600 extras were used as camp workers to recreate this gold-rush tale of greed, violence and the end of a great friendship.