Akamai launches Cloudelets developer extensions
Michelle Clancy
| 30 September 2014
Akamai Technologies has debuted Cloudlets, extensions to its Intelligent Platform for developers and offload infrastructure partners.

The initial Akamai Cloudlets to become available are Edge Redirector, Visitor Prioritisation and Image Converter. The company plans to continue to introduce new Cloudlets regularly, ultimately forming a marketplace of extensions where customers can choose which capabilities are best suited to help simplify the development and delivery of their websites and applications.

Edge Redirector is intended to help customers simplify the management of URL redirects for SEO, marketing campaigns, or site content and architectural changes, by providing a way for both technical and non-technical users to manage redirect rules and offload strain on IT.

One early adopter of Akamai Cloudlets is El Al Israel Airlines. According to Patrick Perelsztejn, Web infrastructure and technologies coordinator for the airline: "We had an immediate need to set up 5,000 redirects to preserve link equity for SEO, due to our website restructuring. When initially looking for a solution, it appeared there was going to be no easy and flexible way for us to address our needs. Edge Redirector was a perfect solution, which helped us to easily manage this large number of URL redirects and avoid the cost associated with a custom solution."

Visitor Prioritisation is designed to provide a user-friendly waiting room experience when back-end applications become overloaded due to surges in visitor traffic, helping to decrease site abandonment when application capacity becomes scarce.

Image Converter meanwhile is intended to help simplify the complexity and overhead associated with creating, storing and maintaining derivative images when the same image is used in different Web and mobile experiences across multiple end user situations and devices. It offers the ability to dynamically manipulate images in the cloud (cropping, resizing, changing output format and/or output quality, watermarking and so on).

"Akamai is well known for our solutions that help our customers make their Web experiences fast, reliable and secure. With the introduction of Cloudlets, we continue to extend the value our platform provides to our customers via a new set of capabilities that are designed to provide a positive impact on the overall user experience," said Ravi Maira, vice president of the Web experience business unit at Akamai. "As important, we are giving our customers these capabilities in a self-service manner that is easy, convenient and as cost-effective to deploy as possible."