VSN, Class X team up to deliver MOS solution
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 30 September 2014
Spain's VSN and Italy's Class X are teaming for a new VSN CG+ able to control the production graphics from any newsroom control system (NCS) and TV set using the standard industry protocol media object servers (MOS).

In addition, new features on VSN's graphic module allow users to present social messages in real-time with 3D effects and in hundreds of layouts.

The MOS implementation carried out by ClassX offers the ability to employ a variety of template forms and enter new data, images or videos into pre-defined graphic animations directly from editorial staff.

The templates can be accessed directly from the NCS interface using an advanced ActiveX plug-in, allowing users to navigate, preview and edit templates in real time.

The new VSN CG+ takes into account the growing importance of social media and has the ability to present tweets, Facebook posts and polls in real time, thanks to its integration with Spredfast streams and the interaction with second screens through the Parterre app.

"The latest developments on VSN CG+ make it one the most advance graphic tools on the market, capable of fulfilling the visual needs of the most demanding newsrooms and enabling a fluent and stable integration with the social media world and the new spaces of communication," said Alessandro Messineo, sales manager at ClassX.

"We are very satisfied with what has been achieved with VSN CG+. Not only is it capable of integrating with any NCS, but it can also answer the question of how to incorporate the public's interaction with social networks, adapting set-made programmes and TV broadcasting to the new social media," added Mariano Monteverde, VSN's sales manager for Europe.