Antena 3 expands in US with DishLatino deal
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 30 September 2014
Aiming to consolidate Atresmedia's channels on the US market, a new distribution deal with DishLatino is taking Antena 3 Internacional to the US pay-TV market.

dishTargeting the Hispanic audience, the network joins ˇHola! TV and Atres Series, Atresmedia's other two international signals in their adventure in the Americas, and will be available throughout the US via the Plus, Dos and Max Dish packages.

"This agreement puts the cap on several years of hard work and brings Atresmedia to a higher level in the US," said Mar Martínez Raposo, international distribution chief for Atresmedia. "Antena 3 Internacional has proved to be a successful product in the markets in which it is operating and we are sure we will keep expanding the brand."

Atresmedia's main international network is available for over 60 million viewers around the world, broadcasting a selection of the most followed shows from Spain's Antena 3, laSexta, Neox and Nova.

"Antena 3 is one of the leading channels in Spain and makes a great contribution to our schedule, as we are always looking to offer the most relevant content to our subscribers," said Alfredo Rodríguez, VO at DishLatino.

Antena 3 Internacional is broadcasting two more channels through America's pay-TV sector: ˇHola! TV, which is available for over seven million homes in Latin America and the US, and Atres Series, a channel focused on Spanish series